Interactive Whiteboard System Only Support Windows PC with Smart Pen for Home, Office, and Classroom(Long Focus Interactive Whiteboard)


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Product Description

 Interactive Whiteboard System

 Interactive Whiteboard System

Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard with your classroomcomputer and a projector

How to calibrate manually

How to install and use the Interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboard need equipment consists of: E-pen, sensor, Windows computer and projector.

Sensor is suggested to put at a distance of 1.5M to 5M from the projection screen. For example, when the projection size is 80″, Sensor should be installed 3~4m distance from the projector. And you can adjust the distance during installation by using our software.

After connecting in sequence, take the software U-disk out of the package and insert it into the computer. Install E-Note software.

What if the computer prompts for a virus?

You can turn off the Antivirus software to install our software, because the software is free of viruses. Don’t worry about this problem, it will not harm your computer

After installing the software, click on the icon on the desktop and there is no response

After the software is opened, click the triangle on the task bar in the lower right corner of the computer to find the hidden yellow icon of Portable IWB Server, pull it down to the visible toolbar, and then perform positioning operations.

The enote won’t open after installation. How can I get it to open?

You need to open the yellow Portable IWB icon first, and then open Enote. After Enote is opened, it may minimize the icon hidden in the lower left corner of the computer. Click on the inverted triangle, find the green E-note icon, and left-click.

How does it work with a PowerPoint presentation ?

Open E-Note software and office document.Click the pen in the software to enter writing mode.Annotate the desired content.Click “Office” to embed annotations.Annotated content appears in the document.Save the document.

Is it campatible with any type of projector?

Any kind of projector whose brightness is more than 200ansi lumens can work.

Use of interactive whiteboard for education

you get whole-class learning in under a minute!


so easy to use and

engaging, your teachers will use it every day.

The difference between long focus and short focus

Buy an interactive whiteboard based on your projector
Long-focue compatible with most projectors

Technical Parameter


1 Education 2 Meeting 3 Long&Short Focus 4 Technical Parameter 5 Meeting

E-NOTE sorfware

Desktop mode: You can operate the computer and any computer program with your finger or any non-transparent object in the screen, enabling move the mouse cursor, left-click, double left click and right-click functionality.
Whiteboard mode: You can complete writing, edit text, insert graphics and zoom in/out image and other operations on the writing program page. Operate computer; Whiteboard mode: able to operate writing program.



Eraser: click the icon, there will be three option like, object eraser, small eraser, and clear page. Object eraser: to circle a whole object, will clear the circle part. Small eraser: Simulation eraser wipes function. Clear page: clear the contents of the current.
Selector: select a picture, and its zoom. The mouse pointer over the image edge or corner, the picture can be zoom out or zoom in.
Single Writing: just one user can operate in this state. Multi-writing: up to 64 users writing in the same time.
Index page: Display thumbnails of all pages, and you can quickly recall any page.
Color: Can change the color of handwriting and whiteboard background page. Pen: select the one you like the palette of colors for pen. Background: select the one you like in the palette of colors for background.
Insert photo: Import the computer image resources into the current page. In the pop up dialog box, select the insert picture, click “open”. Spotlight: Prominent a part of contents in the current page. Put the mouse pointer on the transparent area, you can drag the entire display area. Put the mouse pointer on the translucent inner area can zoom the display area. When the mouse pointer stays within the projection area about three seconds, it will be popping up a second menu to choose from. Optional: there are Ellipse, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid spotlights for choose, also can choose “Exit” to exit the function.
Capture: Intercept the contents of the current desktop, Click the icon, the interface will automatically return to the desktop, frame the content you need, they automatically return to the current page, drag the mouse pointer, you can display the contents of the interception.
Recorder: record the whole process of operation or lecture. Open video: Open a video on current page. In the pop up dialog box, click the video need open, then click “open”.
Office Insert: Marking on office file. Open a office file on your computer, then click the pen icon to into writing state, now, you can writing on the file, then click off

【Automatic Calibration】The F-35L portable IWB offers automatic calibration, completing the process in just 2 seconds, making it much more convenient compared to other IWBs that require manual calibration.
【Interactive Pen】This lightweight and portable device, equipped with an electronic pen, can be used on any flat surface, including whiteboards. It’s versatile, serving as a computer cursor or drawing/writing tool, making it ideal for demos and brainstorming.
【Support Windows System】The F-35L Portable Interactive Whiteboard lets you control your Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, or 11 PC wirelessly from any flat surface using an electronic pen as a mouse. Not compatible with MAC.
【Flexible Fixing Base】Easy to Focus: Rotate the camera, you can get a horizontal 360° and vertical 120° setting range.
【More Stable Performance】Anti-light Interference, Strong anti-light interference function, block the light from the same spectrum automatically, and improves the product’s stability to a great extent.

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Interactive Whiteboard System Only Support Windows PC with Smart Pen for Home, Office, and Classroom(Long Focus Interactive Whiteboard)
Interactive Whiteboard System Only Support Windows PC with Smart Pen for Home, Office, and Classroom(Long Focus Interactive Whiteboard)


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